Tuesday, 15 April 2008

May Baskets

With May just round the corner I have been thinking about Marian activities I could do with my toddler. A Rosary box would be one option, but we have been using Lent and Easter boxes since February and I am ready for a change ... then I remembered these lovely ideas for May Baskets from Alice at Cottage Blessings.

I'm sure Little Cherub would adore a May Basket, and I can put things into it that we can use throughout the month. These are the ideas I have so far for the contents:
  • Rosary - a chunky wooden one if I can get it
  • This printable prayer card with the poem Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue
  • Pictures of Our Lady from around the world - I'm planning to share these here over the next week or so
  • Small, simple prayer book - I will probably just put in our old copy of My First Prayer Book. It will be new to Cherub!
  • Small statue
  • A blue candle
  • Holy water
  • Blue and white silk flowers
  • A small, knitted "Mary" doll, if I can find a suitable pattern
  • Chocolate
If you have older children, you could make May Baskets for them too. If that is too ambitious, then why not get them to help decorate and fill May Baskets for their small siblings?


Caroline said...

Beautiful idea. I love it. Can I tell you how much I am enjoying this blog?

Alice Gunther said...


And thank you for the link! :)

Giftex Blog Admin said...


thats a good concept. i am looking forward to gift may basket!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a knitting pattern for Mary from a Nativity scene by Jean Greenhow which I am sure is available in books(Amazon) or as a leaflet from ebay. I also have a knitted hand puppet pattern somewhere. If you would like me to I can mail a copy to you somehow.Gill.